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Nate Diaz’s Manager ‘Explains’ the Bizarre High School Reunion Tweet

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

Nate Diaz inspired a lot of head scratching last week when he tweeted that he was dropping out of his scheduled fight with Gray Maynard. The reason? He has a high school reunion to attend.

Dana White responded by saying that he was just as confused as the rest of us; and since then, Diaz has been dead silent on the matter, leaving the MMA community to wonder what exactly is going on.

Now Diaz’s manager Mike Kogan has stepped in to clarify the situation, although his explanation doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either.

“It has nothing to do with the reunion or not reunion,” Kogan told MMA Junkie. “He would like to see if he could fight on the Sacramento card. It’s only two weeks later. It’s closer to his house; it’s like fighting in your backyard with more fans. That’s really what it’s about.”

While true, and a possible reason that Diaz and his management would want the bout rescheduled, that doesn’t explain the bizarre tweet in the slightest. If it has nothing to do with the reunion, why did Diaz tweet about it? Diaz never mentioned anything about the Sacramento event, and even if he meant to, Twitter is not exactly the proper channel for that request.

In any case, Kogan added that Diaz is currently training for the Maynard bout, and has no intention of turning it down.

It sounds to me like Kogan is more or less just covering for his fighter’s lack of an online filter. Hopefully he was able to kick some sense into him though, as Maynard defeated Diaz the last time they met.