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Connor McGregor Addresses His ACL Injury, Says Champ Jose Aldo Is ‘Basic’

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

Connor McGregor entered the octagon as one of the UFC’s most hyped fighters, and initially, it seemed like he was living up to the excitement. Unfortunately, an ACL injury at UFC Fight Night 26 led to surgery, and McGregor has been out of commission ever since.

McGregor isn’t worried though, and believes he’ll have a very speedy recovery.

“I’m young, I’m dedicated,” he said on the latest episode of UFC Tonight. “I’ll nail this, no doubt in my mind.”

What does he plan to do when he returns McGregor’s going straight for Jose Aldo’s belt. He says:

“I honestly believe I can predict the future, and I see the gold around my waist. So, whoever has the gold at that time I’m coming to take it.

“Currently Jose Aldo has it. I feel more than confident that I can cause him trouble. I’m bigger than him. I’m faster than him, and I believe he’s less spontaneous. He’s more basic. I don’t see anything that jumps off the page when I look at him compete, or any of the guys when I look at them compete.”

McGregor is currently 14-2, and undefeated in the UFC. While his short stint in the promotion didn’t allow him to crack the featherweight top ten, a return to action for the young fighter is highly anticipated.