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Floyd Mayweather ‘Prays’ for Anderson Silva, Hopes He Can ‘Bounce Back’


Undefeated and seemingly unbeatable boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. often used to be compared to former UFC champion Anderson Silva. Following Silva’s humiliating defeat at UFC 162 though, you don’t hear those comparisons quite so often.

Strangely though, this loss seems to be what finally got Silva onto Mayweather’s radar. Just a few months ago, Mayweather claimed that he didn’t even know who “The Spider” was. Now, he’s hoping his fellow fighter can bounce back strong.

“I pray for [Silva],” Mayweather said during an interview on “Sway’s Universe.” “He’s okay. I don’t have nothing negative to say about the guy Anderson Silva. I’ve seen some highlights on him. I don’t know him personally, but I’ve seen highlights of him fight, and hopefully he can bounce back. I heard he just took an ‘L,’ so hopefully he can bounce back from that loss.”

Why the newfound love of the UFC title contender? Who knows, but perhaps now that Silva’s been knocked off his throne, Mayweather feels a bit more comfortable calling himself the “king” of the fight game.

Mayweather last defeated Saul “Canelo” Alvarez earlier this month. The five-division world champion is currently 45-0 in his boxing career.

Silva meanwhile will be looking to rebound after his recent defeat in a rematch slated for December 28.