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Dana White, Ken Shamrock Go Back and Forth on Twitter and It Somehow Involved the Super Friends

Photo via Ken Shamrock's Twitter page.

These are the “Days of Our MMA Lives.”

Ken Shamrock and UFC President Dana White chose to use Twitter – for our amusement – to vent to each other about their frustrations in the soap opera that is their MMA beef.

The gripping story of Ken and Dana continues here as the UFC executive tells a fan what he thinks of his long-lost BFF, Shamrock.

(Cue daytime television music)


Shamrock tries to defuse the situation by offering to buy White a drink.

Only to be turned down by Mr. White in his typical forward fashion.


Suddenly, the Super Friends show up! (Cue 70s-style theme music)


But since 1996, according to White …

“What happened to you, Dana? What. Happened. To. You?!” ~Ken

Ken praises the past efforts of he and his brother, as well as that of Pat Miletich, to convince Dana that they belong in the Octagon’s Cooperstown.


To which Dana replies …


Why, Dana? WHY?!


A fan chimes in to plead the cases for the Shamrocks and Tito to be in the Hall of Fame. Dana, of course, rebuttals.

Which – and we all knew this would happen at some point – causes Tito Ortiz to enter stage left.

Everyone ignores Tito … (crickets, followed by awkward silence) Alas, Dana asks Ken one final question.


And then, Ken reveals the shocking plot twist …