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Video: Wanderlei Silva Rushes Chael Sonnen at Mr. Olympia Event


UFC legend Wanderlei Silva sparked wide MMA drama when he rushed Chael Sonnen at the Mr. Olympia event Saturday in Las Vegas.

With a camera crew behind him, Silva marched through the vendor tables directly at Sonnen, put a finger in his face and then yelled a bunch of stuff at him in Portuguese. Sonnen looked caught off guard, but then stepped up and shouted back in Silva’s face, before handlers broke the two up and Silva retreated.

The altercation is the latest clash between the two fighters who have a long history of despising each other. Sonnen has accused Silva of participating in fake, set-up fights during his Pride days. Sonnen has also made years of disparaging comments about Silva and Brazilian fighters.

For example, after his FOX Sports 1 victory of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Sonnen said this on live TV:

“Now, right here on the UFC’s new home, FOX Sports 1, Wanderlei Silva, six feet tall, 205 pounds, boy until I met you, I didn’t know they stacked crap that high!”

The UFC has unsuccessfully tried to put the fight together. The fight most recently fell through when Silva demanded Pay-Per-View points for fighting Sonnen at UFC 167. UFC President Dana White refused to do so, and the fight didn’t happen. Sonnen instead accepted a fight with Rashad Evans.

Silva released the video of his confrontation with Sonnen, along with a private promo for the camera afterward, where he explains his views on the Sonnen altercation.

“You are fearful,” Silva said. “You are afraid of me. And I will beat you up. I wanted to beat you up today. But I’m a professional, and I don’t fight in the street. Real men talk face to face. With me the talk is straight up. I will punch your face. It will happen soon. … The beating I will give you will be my gift to the people.”

Silva did something similar in August, releasing a video calling Sonnen a “butt face” and a “little girl.”