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Fan Perspective: Top 5 MMA Disappointments

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With the recent controversial main event that happened at UFC 165, the MMA community was in an uproar about the decision that the judges made. This made us think about the sport and what loyal fans have all been through.

Below is a list of the top five disappointments we’ve been around to witness, not only from the judges scorecards but everything.

5. Forrest Griffin vs Anderson Silva

After Forrest Griffin won The Ultimate Fighter 1, winning an all-out war between Stephan Bonnar, he was considered a top-notch fighter as he went on to fight Rampage for the title of the light heavyweight division and win as a huge underdog. Fast forward a couple years from that and he is offered a superfight with Anderson Silva. Fans where very excited for this, seeing as Forrest Griffin was a people’s champion, and many were expecting a good fight. Instead we saw one of the most gruesome knockouts by Anderson Silva parading around the ring like we’ve seen against Chris Weidman and Maia. Which left Forrest Griffin with a broken jaw, running out of the octagon with non-stop tears running down his face.

4. UFCs Fence Around the Octagon

Yeah, I know, but hear me out. The fact that the UFC uses an octagon with a fence surrounding it is a big downer for the promotion. This cage, compared to ropes as you would use in a ring, is often used for cheating with fighters holding it for leverage. Also, when a wrestler is not able to hold their own on the feet, if they don’t shoot for a takedown, they will press a fighter against the cage for long periods of time, which is as we all know terribly boring. When fighters are taken down they are also known to scoot their way to the fence and use it to their advantage to stand up. Techniques such as these have left fans with a bitter taste in their mouths.

3. Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson

The main event that took place at UFC 165 has the MMA community very upset at the moment. Although Gustafsson was successful with his strikes and takedowns, beating Jones in the count, it wasn’t enough to sway the judges from Jones’ octagon control. And after Jones was able to recover and land some devastating elbows and kicks, the fight went to a decision and the judges chose “Bones.” The crowd went nuts and were vocal about not liking the decision. It may have been because the champion left being carried out the octagon with his face swollen while the challenger walked himself out just fine with his head held high.

2. The UFC not signing Fedor Emelianenko after Zuffa bought PRIDE

When Zuffa purchased the Japanese fighting organization, PRIDE, and shut it down, a wave of talented fighters moved from PRIDE to the UFC. They did not, however, succeed in convincing the former heavyweight champion, Fedor Emelianenko, to sign over. Fedor was considered the best fighter in the world pound-for-pound, having suffered only one loss and fighting top notch heavyweights. When they had the chance and Fedor put a offer on the table, the UFC declined and they both went there separate ways. This is a big disappointment because, dug, who wouldn’t have wanted to see Fedor go against UFC champion Brock Lesner, or maybe even Fedor vs “Cro Cop” for the second time at the end of both there careers. Damn it, still gets me all riled up when I think about it.

1. PRIDE shutting down

On March 27, 2007, Pride executives Nobuyuki Sakakibara and Nobuhiko Takada announced that Lorenzo Fertitta co-owner of Zuffa and its subsidiary MMA production, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, had made a deal to acquire all assets of PRIDE Fighting Championships. This changed the way MMA was celebrated completely with a whole new vibe but mostly, a whole new set of rules and ways of looking at the sport. Pride shutting down is one of the biggest losses to MMA today, and its most likely that there will never be a promotion like it again. There’s nothing more I can say about this other than man, I miss PRIDE. Head stomps!