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TUF 18 Episode 4 Recap


As the TUF teams begin their daily training session, Team Tate guest coach Dennis Hallman gets into a verbal confrontation with Team Rousey coach Edmund Tarverdyan. The two are ready to settle their dispute in the ring when Ronda Rousey diffuses the situation by getting in Hallman’s face.

Dana White sums up the Rousey-Tate feud best in stating, “All this drama and bulls**t will be settle when Ronda and Miesha fight.”

Jessica Rakoczy, who will represent Team Rousey this week against Roxanne Modaferri, confesses that her shoulder is affecting her training. Rousey believes that Team Tate picked Rakoczy because of the injury. “She has so many years of experience behind her that I really do believe it’s not going to have an effect on her. She’s gonna show these people that fighting with integrity is not a disadvantage,” Rousey said.

At the TUF house, Modaferri says that she was given the nickname “The Happy Warrior” because of her optimism. She started taekwondo as a teenager because she was inspired by the Power Rangers and Dragonball Z.

As we get a glimpse into Rakoczy’s training session, she says that her life changed when her mother died.

“I was like a crazy kid when my mother passed, I didn’t care about school, I didn’t care about anything,” Rakoczy said. “Boxing changed my life; it gave me a new focus. I was determined to be a world champion.”

This week’s fight begins with Modaferri controlling the first round. She nearly ends the fight with an armbar, but cannot lock it in. Modaferri lands a second takedown and unloads on Rakoczy as time expires.

A more aggressive Rakoczy comes out swinging in the second round. She lands a straight left and nearly lands a triangle choke. In top position, Rakoczy picks Modaferri up in her guard and slams her on the mat. With Modaferri dazed, Rakoczy follows with a relentless attack that ends with a referee stoppage.

“In the second round, Jessica did much better with her striking in just being quick and explosive but she didn’t listen to us so much when jumping into Roxy’s guard.” Rousey said. “Roxy is a very confident grappler and Jessica made a judgment call and it ended up working out for her.”

With her victory, Rousey decides that David Grant will face Louis Fisette next week.

“I definitely don’t think David Grant’s ground game is up there with (Chris) Holdsworth’s and I think Louis is going to bring it,” Tate said as the episode ended.