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GSP Doesn’t Do Steroids Because He Wants to be a Good Role Model

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre seems intent on mentioning his lack of steroid use at every possible opportunity.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, GSP once again reiterated that he’s never used steroids, and does it because he wants to be a good role model.

“A lot of people have been accusing me that I’m on steroids,” he said. “In the past, I always feel it was because they feel I have good athleticism so I took it as a compliment, but, when time goes by, I wanted to make it a point, I wanted to prove to the world that you can be a world champion without using steroids. I’ve never used steroids in my life and I wanted to make a point for myself.”

“I wanted to do something good for the honest people in the sport that are fighting and I wanted to do something good for the sport,” he continued. “As a champion, I want to be a good role model. As an athlete, outside of the Octagon, I want to elevate the sport to another level. I want the sport to be elevated to more mainstream level. I think that’s the next step. I want to raise the bar and do something for the sport. I thought I was going to do it. Hendricks said he was going to do it in the past and he changed his mind. I’m still doing it because I’m a man of my word.”

As far as we know, GSP is still going forward with his planned VADA testing, for whatever that amounts to now.

Taking a look from his perspective though, it must be frustrating to have never tested positively for any banned substance, but still be accused of it anyways. His VADA testing might not change anyone’s mind, but it’s still a nice gesture.