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Dana White Responds to Nate Diaz’s ‘High School Reunion’ Tweet


Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

We’re still trying to make sense of Diaz’s utterly bizarre tweet about skipping his scheduled bout with Gray Maynard to attend a high school reunion. It seems we’re not alone in that though, as UFC president Dana White has no idea what’s going on either.

“Cant make it november 30th ive gotta high school reuinion i have to tend too…,” Diaz wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

At a recent press function in Vegas, White sarcastically stated how surprised he was to see a Diaz doing something like this.

“I’m shocked,” White said. “The Diaz Brothers are doing something crazy? I’m shocked. I heard about it yesterday. Somebody told me about it. But I haven’t talked to [UFC matchmaker] Joe [Silva] or Nate or anybody. I don’t even know if it’s true.”

White elaborated that it’s not an “official” statement, making it likely that this will all be settled once he gets Diaz and Joe Silva on the line.

“I didn’t even know Nate did this, that he tweeted it,” White said. “Did he talk to Joe Silva? If he really tweeted that he’s going to his high school reunion and didn’t call Joe and those guys and say [anything] … I don’t take Twitter for news. It’s not an official statement.”

Diaz has yet to comment or even tweet since breaking the “news.” Hopefully we’ll see this entire issue settled soon enough.