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Dana White Responds to Bellator-Fox Deal: They Tried to Get No. 1, But Couldn’t


Earlier this week, we got the surprising news that Bellator had snatched up a multi-year partnership with FOX Sports Latin America, despite the fact that the UFC has an existing relationship with FOX.

In his statement, FOX International Channels Latin America president Carlos Martinez called Bellator the “premiere mixed martial arts organization,” and a “perfect fit” for their network.

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UFC president Dana White stated that the deal doesn’t bother him at all, but he apparently isn’t too pleased with the wording of their announcement.

“That guy’s quote in the press release should have been this: ‘We negotiated forever to get No. 1, we couldn’t get No. 1, so we went with [Bellator],'” White told MMAFighting.com.

White added that FOX Sports Latin America had approached them in the past, but the UFC ultimately chose to go with Televisa in Mexico and Globo in Brazil, among other networks. The reach of Globo by itself dwarfs the 50 million homes that FOX Sports Latin America reaches across 19 different countries, so it obviously wasn’t a tough decision.

To hammer that point home, the UFC provided MMAFighting.com with a breakdown of their TV reach in the region. In total, they hit about 113.6 million homes, which explains why Dana White doesn’t seem to bothered by the announcement.

Brazil (GLOBO) — 55 million HH
Mexico (TELEVISA) — 24 million HH
Colombia (CARACOL TV) – 11.8 million HH
Peru (AMERICA TV) — 6.8 million HH
Ecuador (TELEAMAZONAS) — 3.8 million HH
Panama (TVMAX) — 460,000 HH
Argentina (AMERICA TV) — 10.9 million HH
Nicaragua (Channel 4 RATENSA) — 570,000 HH