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‘Cro Cop’ Open Workout Video: Training for Rematch with Aleksander Emelianenko


Former PRIDE fighters Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic and Aleksander Emelianenko are set to meet this year on Nov. 8 for the Russian fighting promotion “Legend.” The Croatian fighter ‘Cro Cop’ recently did a open workout for fans to come and watch in the premises of the Club Combative in Moscow.

Its no doubt these fighters are no longer in their primes, but the two are known for fighting for the love of the sport. And as you see in the video ‘Cro Cop’ isn’t doing bad at all.

In recent interviews after his K-1 World Prix victory, Cro Cop stated that he was finding it difficult to motivate himself fighting in the middle tier of the UFC. That all changed when he heard about a possible rematch nine years in the making – a fight with Aleksander Emelianenko. The two first met in the PRIDE ring in 2004, where Cro Cop was able to stop the fight with one of his world-famous head kicks, knocking out Emelianenko and giving the him his first professional loss.

“After winning the K-1 WGP title, we had offers coming from all over the world, from Brazilians who were one of the most determined, to Japan, U.S. and Europe,” Cro Cop’s manager Orsat Zovko stated to FightSite.hr. “My suggestion to Mirko, after winning his first K-1 WGP title was that he takes a good two months rest before we even think about the next match.”

Speaking of rematches, you think this will spark Aleksander’s brother Fedor to come out of retirement to give it a go with Cro Cop for a second time? As many fans who have been watching the sport for years will remember, Cro Cop and the elder Emelianenko went toe to toe in a match that was hyped as one of the biggest bouts in 2005. Perhaps watch his younger brother fight Cro Cop will wake the beast in fan-favorite Fedor.