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John McCarthy Says NSAC Director Doesn’t Know Combative Sports


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Boxing judge C.J. Ross recently came under fire for her extremely controversial score in the Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez championship bout. Despite the fact that Mayweather clearly dominated almost every single round, Ross scored it as an even 114-114 draw.

This isn’t the first time she’s made a bizarre call, having previously scored Timothy Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao in favor of Bradley. This also isn’t the first time that NSAC executive director Keith Kizer has defended her decision making.

Responding to this, “Big” John McCarthy had some strong words for Kizer.

“There comes a point where someone lies so much that you get tired of hearing things that come out,” said perennial referee John McCarthy on a recent episode of The MMA Hour.

“The truth is, Keith Kizer is a person that does not know combative sports,” McCarthy added. “He’s never been part of them. He’s never done them. He puts people [in positions] at times that maybe shouldn’t be put. You tell me why C.J. Ross said the Floyd Mayweather fight was a draw. Did you watch it? My god, I had it 11-1. It wasn’t even close. So if you’re doing that, you keep putting those same people back, you don’t care about the fighters. You don’t care about them as athletes, you don’t care about their livelihood. And you know what? You shouldn’t be in that job. And if someone doesn’t like what I said, too bad.”

McCarthy and Kizer have had more than their fair share of history, with a previous verbal altercation between the two resulting in McCarthy’s unofficial ban from overseeing Nevada events.

“The truth of the matter is this. I have nothing against the Nevada State Athletic Commission. They’re a great commission. I [just] think they take too much from one person,” McCarthy said.

“They sit there and that person’s the one that picks their referees, the one that picks their judges, and they’ve had some problems. Well, that’s Keith Kizer’s problem. I don’t work for Kieth Kizer. I would work for an athletic commission; love to work for them. I would never work for Keith Kizer. Never. If he’s in charge, if he’s the executive director, I want nothing to do with it.”