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UFC: Jones Opens As Heavy Favorite In Potential Rematch With Gustafsson


Photo credit Geno Mrosko, MMAFighting.com

Only four days have passed since UFC 165, where Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson engaged in a grueling five-round match. At the end of the fight, Jones was declared the winner in a narrow decision.

This win did not come without controversy, however, as a large portion of fans believe Gustafsson did enough to get the win. This opinion held little merit to gambling website Bovada.com, though, as they have placed Jones as a massive -450 favorite to Gustafsson’s +325, in what is currently a hypothetical rematch.

The disparity between these numbers is much closer than it was heading into the first match where Jones was a gigantic -900 favorite. This is easily explained, as Jones has hardly struggled with any fighter he’s been matched with, and it was not a common thought that Gustafsson would be the one to give him trouble.

At a press event last Monday in Los Angeles, Dana White spoke on the subject of the rematch.

“I had Jones winning the fight. Like, no doubt about it. No controversy whatsoever.” White said. “The rematch does and doesn’t make sense, in the fact they’re both young guys. Jones won the fight. The judges made the right decision. It was a great fight, it was a close fight, it was a war, but the champion won. So maybe Glover (Teixeira) fights next. We don’t know, but I’m getting together with Lorenzo (Fertitta) on Wednesday, and we’re going to talk about it, see what we want to do.”

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