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Top 5 Richest MMA Fighters

Image via bornrich.com

Back in June, Forbes listed off the highest paid athletes in the world. If you’ve heard the grumblings of MMA fighters before, you’ll know that it’s no surprise that none of them were on that list.

But that’s not to say some fighters aren’t well off. Check out the top five richest UFC fighters in the world.

All estimated fighter wealth comes to us from Celebritynetworth.com.

5. Brock Lesner


Even with a small record of 5-3, lasting only four years, Brock Lesner was still one of the UFC’s biggest pay-per-view draws of all time. Which largely contributed to Lesnar’s estimated wealth of $12.5 million. However, he did make most of that money prior to the UFC working as a professional wrestler for the WWE.

4. Chuck Liddell


‘The Iceman’ has a net worth estimated at $13 million, earned over 23 fights in the UFC and six outside of the promotion. By some estimations he is the UFC most payed fighter with $4.3 million paid to him via salaries. He has also starred in several movies, as well as popular reality TV shows such as The Ultimate Fighter and Dancing with the Stars.

3. Randy Couture

At third place on the list, Randy Couture stands with an estimated $14 million, Having fought in the UFC for most of his career. Once as a champion for two divisions, He is recognized as one of the UFC’s most successful fighters of all time. Like the others he also made money out of the cage, Being in movies such as the Expendables, Owning his own clothing line, and not to mention his successful gym he runs in Las Vegas.

2. Tito Ortiz


Tito Ortiz has an estimated worth of $15 million, earned during a career going all the way back to 1997. Most of that comes from his reign as the light heavyweight belt and defending it five times. For a period of time, he was the highest paid contracted fighter the UFC had. But that much money isn’t earned just from purely fighting, Having a successful clothing line with Punishment Athletics.

1. B.J. Penn

B.J. Penn is one of the all around most successful fighters in the sport of MMA.With a estimated worth of $20 million, he easily comes in first place. From being one of the only fighters too hold two UFC champions in two different weight classes, as well as his place on the successful reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter. However a good chunk of his wealth is also form his family’s fortune.