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Anderson Silva Training Ninjitsu, Plans To Knockout Weidman


Photo via mmabay.co.uk

During Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Ariel Helwani spoke with former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Just as said before, Silva is still very confident that he will be taking his belt back from the recently crowned Weidman.

In regards to his December 28 match up with the new champ, Silva stated that a “new Anderson” will show up for the fight.

“I will give back the knockout,” he said. “I’m working hard now. Chris is the new champion and is a great fighter, but I’m training hard. The new Anderson is coming.”

If we are going to believe any fighter about a statement like that, Anderson Silva is a good bet.  However, Silva’s desire for a knockout does not cloud his judgement, and he is training up his ground game for this match.

“I will train more jiu-jitsu because Weidman come to fight me and won’t stand up together in this fight,” he said. “Go for the ground, go for the ground. I train more jiu-jitsu, and ninjitsu.”

Did Anderson Silva just say hes training in Ninjitsu? Damn right he did.

Does Anderson believe that he needs to get a very impressive finish to earn back his spot as best ever? No. In fact, he does not even think he is the best ever.

“Come on, bro, definitely no,” he said. “I’m working hard for a long time. My big goal is train the kids, new athletes coming. I’m normal guy. Sometimes I have good day, sometimes I don’t have good day. People will have the new chance to see the real Anderson. It’s normal.”

Assuming Anderson Silva’s takedown defense is at its normal level, it is safe to speculate that much of this fight will be taking place on the mat. It is unlikely that Weidman will want to stand with a Silva who is not goofing around, so Silva has the right idea training his jiu jitsu. One thing everybody can look forward to though is the possibility of Silva showing some ninjitsu in the cage!