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Dana White Says Jon Jones Begged the Doctor Not to Stop the Fight

(Gustafsson vs. Jones, a light heavyweight battle for the history books)

Photo via UFC / Getty Images

The UFC 165 title fight may have ended in one of the most controversial decisions in recent memory, but it was almost over a heck of a lot sooner. Gustafsson cut the champ with a glancing punch in the first round, opening up a sizable gash that seemed to worsen over the next four rounds.

In an interview with Fox Sports following the bout, UFC president Dana White said that the doctors wanted to call a stop to the match in the fifth round. Both Jones and Big John McCarthy reportedly “begged” them to reconsider.

“They took Jon out of the Octagon and took him straight to the hospital,” White said. “He was in an absolute war; he’s got a massive cut. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the doctors were going to stop the fight in the last round because of the cut. Jones begged him not to stop the fight. And from what I understand [“Big” John] McCarthy did too – pleaded with them not to stop the fight.”

By the fourth round, the blood from the cut was running into Jones’ eye, which was the primary concern of the ringside doctors.

If the fight had been ended there though, it would’ve undoubtedly been no less controversial than how the final decision played out.