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Dana White: ‘Damn Right’ Jon Jones Earns More Money than His NFL Brothers

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images.

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

Following up on older brother Arthur Jones’ claim, UFC President Dana White stated on Monday that 205-pound champ Jon Jones makes more money in a year than what both his brothers in the NFL earn.

Arthur, the elder Jones brother and starting defensive lineman for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, posted Monday on Twitter that, “Bones” earns more annually than he and middle brother Chandler do. In speaking exclusively with SciFighting.com, the UFC executive backed up Arthur’s claim in the typical fashion to what UFC fans are accustomed.

“Damn right he is,” White answered when if Jones earns more money than his NFL siblings. “Why would [Arthur Jones] say it if it wasn’t true? You got all the idiots that say our fighters don’t make any money and all this other stuff. They make lot’s of money; it’s just nobody’s business how much money they make.”

Jon, who most recently won a controversial unanimous decision over Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165, would need to make close to $4 million a year to top his two brothers’ reported salaries. The UFC has long been a privately owned company, and salaries beyond those reported by state athletic commissions overseeing fight cards have never been verified by the Las Vegas-based promoter.

White, however, has said on numerous occasions that the UFC grants its fighter discretionary bonuses beyond what’s quoted on bout agreements. Former UFC bantamweight and flyweight Jared Papazian, for example, once earned a discretionary bonus of $15,000 for his January 2012 fight against Mike Easton. The two 135-pound fighters put on what many considered a Fight of the Night, but the award instead went to heavyweights Pat Barry and Christian Morecraft. A few months later, Papazian received a check in the mail, according to his manager, Darin Harvey.

Last week, White said during a Google Hangout with Fox Sports that the single highest payday a UFC fighter has earned from one fight is $5 million. The UFC boss wouldn’t divulge who that fighter was, but he did confirm that neither Jones nor the former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar are the five-million-dollar man.

What White did reveal, however, is that whoever the owner of that $5 million payday is, UFC fans still pay to see them fight in the octagon to this day.

“Yup, [he] still fights,” White said.