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BJ Penn and UFC Gym to Open Second Hawaii Location


BJ Penn and the UFC Gym are teaming up to bring Hawaii a second signature fitness facility. The gym, which is slated to open for business early in 2014, will feature a 30 foot octagon, batting ropes, agility ladders and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu studio.

“I’m excited to partner with UFC Gym to open another location so soon after the successful opening of our first Oahu gym nearly two years ago,” Penn said in a statement released by the UFC. “We wanted to expand on the west side of the island to continue to share our workouts and lifestyle that have proven successful not only for our members, but for me, personally, as well as many of the world’s most elite UFC athletes.”

While there are UFC Gym locations all over the United States, including one in Australia, Penn adds a personal touch to those built in his home state. The former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Champion’s training techniques will be the inspiration of workouts at the Oahu gym with classes made available to all ages and experience levels.

The biggest difference between UFC Gym and a regular gym is in member benefits. Membership includes personal trainer assistance and unlimited access to signature classes such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay thai and women’s self-defense. Pricing details have not been released but will likely mirror the $35-130/month members pay at the Honolulu location.

Earlier this year, UFC Gym bought L.A. Boxing and immediately added 81 gyms in 23 states. Those looking for a new place to work out can receive a guest pass to any of these locations by visiting www.ufcgym.com.