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UFC: Gustaffson’s Trainer States Alexander’s Only Serious Injury Is a ‘Broken Heart’


UFC light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson’s trainer Eric Del Fierro voiced his team’s feelings before, during, and after the grueling bout with Jon Jones.

“I’m not sure what the promotion has in store for these guys,” he said on a recent episode of MMAJunkie.com Radio. “As a fan, I would love to see that fight again. Those guys put on an incredible fight, and they have the potential to keep putting on that kind of fight.”

It appears that Eric Del Fierro is every bit as classy as Gustafsson, and obviously a big fan of the sport itself. Though both men were sent to the hospital following the fight, Fierro says that Gustafsson’s biggest injury was a broken heart. He went on to say that during the fight, Alexander’s corner believed that he had lost the third round. This information is interesting, as this is the round most debated between MMA fans.

Del Fierro also believes that a second match between the two would look much different than their five round war this past Saturday.

“I know Alex has what it takes to beat him, so I know he would love to have the rematch, as well,” he said. “As a challenger, you can’t scream rematch. But yeah, it would be great. Alex deserves it. He put on a great performance.”

Eric Del Fierro shows himself to be everything that is right with this sport. Regardless of the controversy, he is well spoken, and more importantly well mannered on top of that. We hope to see Gustafsson in the cage with Jones at least one more time! Until then SciFighters!

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