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Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson Released from the Hospital with No Serious Injuries


The recent title bout between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson was undoubtedly the most punishing fight of both of their careers. Not only did it go a full five, grueling rounds, but at the end of it all, Jones had to be taken out on a stretcher. Likewise, Gustafsson was so exhausted that he needed the help of his corner men to raise his arms to put on a shirt.

It’s no surprise then that following the bout, both fighters skipped the post-event press conference and were instead taken to the hospital.

Luckily, neither one of them seems to have suffered any serious injuries, and both have been sent home.

Following the fight, Jones tweeted, “Thank you for everyone support. I felt a little off my game tonight but I learned alot about myself and I promise to come back better.”

It appears that that Jones’s “game” was affected by a broken foot, an injury he sustained early on in the fight.

Mike Winkeljohn, one of Jones’s coaches, posted on Facebook that, “Jon Jones showed true grit tonight fighting through a badly injured foot, possibly shattered.. early on in the fight. It may have slowed him down but he stayed the course. Congratulations Mr. Jones!”

Whatever foot injury he might have sustained though apparently will not require an extended hospital stay.

Gustafsson is also doing well, posting the above photo with Jones just hours after the fight went down. He too has been released from the hospital.