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Anderson Silva: ‘I’m a Perfect Fighter Now’


Anderson Silva was thought to be unstoppable for a long time, until Chris Weidman entered the octagon in July to shock the world. Silva believes he is a changed man after the loss though, and  says he will come back much stronger in the rematch.

After losing his middleweight title for the first time, Silva was able to gain some clarity and humility. Throughout his career he has gotten into the octagon and found himself losing control and risking the fight because of his ego. Only this time his arrogance cost him the entire fight. Weidman saw the opportunity and struck, knocking the legend out for the first time in his career.

Silva believes this is a good thing though, and has provided him with a chance to grow into a “perfect fighter.”

“Chris Weidman, the night of the fight, was the best. But God give him the new chance for change my life because I’m perfect fighter now because I lost via knockout for first time in my life,” he told Givemesport.com

Silva also adds that personal issues in his life prevented him from completely focusing on the fight, an issue he recognizes in hindsight.

“This is very important because you have training, you have the good coach, you have good sparring but you have normal life, you have problems,” he said.  “Sometimes you have problems in your normal life, this is so important. You think you’re focused for your training, think you’re focused to listen to you coach but you have problems in your normal life, with your family. You not focused.”

Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman will meet in a rematch on December 28, 2013 at UFC 168.