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Cung Le Scheduled to Take Dana White’s Spot on ‘TUF: China’


In addition to the announcement that “The Ultimate Fighter: China” will be the next international edition of the reality TV series, the UFC has also revealed that middleweight Cung Le will be taking the role that Dana White plays in the U.S. version of the show.

No announcements on a timeline or the coaches have been revealed yet, but just like the previous seasons, two fighters will coach rival teams vying for UFC contracts. White is unsure if Le will appear on any episodes, but he is there to remind the fighters why they are in the house and act as a mentor.

“’TUF China’ is happening,” White said recently. “[Cung Le] is going to be the ‘me’ in China. He’s there to remind everyone why they’re there and what’s going on. He was in the office two days ago and I walked him through everything with The Ultimate Fighter and he’s ready to go.”

Additionally, “TUF: Australia vs. Canada” is currently in the tryout stages, and an international spinoff in Mexico is in the works.

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