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UFC: Matt Grice’s Condition Improves, Responding To Verbal Cues


Earlier this month, UFC featherweight Matt Grice was involved in a terrible car crash in which he was rear ended while waiting in his vehicle at a red light. The accident left him in critical condition with possible brain damage. Up until now, he has been sedated with medication, with his current state unknown.

Luckily, it has now been officially reported by UFC Tonight that Grice has been taken off of his sedation medication, and is even breathing on his own. Doctors have removed his cranial pressure monitor, which is a device used to treat brain injuries, and Grice is reported to be responding to verbal cues. Along with other things, Matt can now move his body, and is said to be giving his family ‘thumbs up’ with his hands.

The accident occurred earlier this month on September 8. The impact caused his car to collide with the car in front of him, and unfortunately he was not wearing a seat belt. It is very unlikely he would have experienced as much damage as he did, had he been wearing his belt. Grice is a full time police officer and is currently 1-2 in the UFC. Grice holds an impressive win over Leonard Garcia, and was scheduled to fight Jeremy Larsen on October 19.

Though Matt lost his most recent fight with Dennis Bermudez, the fight is considered one of the best of the year, and the two fighters were awarded Fight of the Night honors. A donation fund set up by Matt’s family has raised over $21,000, of the $30,000 they need to cover the medical expenses. If you would like to contribute, you may do so here.