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UFC: Ricardo Lamas Impatient for Shot at Aldo, Believes He Deserves It before Mendes or Swanson


During a recent interview with Sherdog.com, Ricardo Lamas had some opinions to share about his position in the featherweight division. Lamas does not believe that he is being given a title shot at the appropriate time, and he is not the first fighter to make this claim recently.

“Out of the top contenders in our weight class, I’m the only guy who hasn’t got the chance to fight Jose Aldo,” he said in the video. “Chad Mendes had his chance, Cub Swanson had his chance back in WEC also. It just makes sense, you know? We need to get some fresh blood in there.”

Recently, No. 4-ranked UFC featherweight Cub Swanson has been very vocal about his desire for a rematch with Lamas. Swanson’s wishes were quickly to shoot down by Lamas, however.

“I think when two guys have fought, and one guy finished the other person, there’s no reason for a rematch,” he said. “I finished Cub in the second round. This wasn’t in the last minute of the fight. It was barely even halfway through the fight. I’d understand if it was a split decision, or a controversial decision, but it wasn’t. I finished him and I’m moving on to the next thing, and that’s Jose Aldo.”

Ricardo Lamas was very classy throughout the interview, and made clear his intention to wait until 2014 for his title shot if he has to. Ranked second in the UFC’s featherweight division, Lamas is on a four fight tear. Besting the likes of Swanson, Hioki, and Erik Koch, Ricardo is making a huge statement in the division.

The title shot he’s looking for might not be too far away.