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TUF 18 Episode 3 Recap


Miesha Tate arrived at “The Ultimate Fighter” house with a chocolate cake for Shayna Baszler, who lost last week’s fight. Tate said that Baszler is her friend and has always looked up to her.

“One of the hardest things I’ve had to do in this sport, as of yet, is corner against someone that I idolized growing up,” Tate said, “My smiles were of happy victory for my team and Julianna.”

Ronda Rousey began her team’s training session by stating that emotions cannot factor into a fight.

“One of the reasons why I was able to take Miesha down so well and fast in the last fight is she got emotional,” Rousey said, “She wasn’t cold and calculated and it ended up working in my favor.”

Rousey believes that Team Tate picked Chris Beal because they lack confidence in their own fighter. Beal tests his injured right hand against Chris Holdsworth in the fight of the week.

Holdsworth reflected on his path to “TUF” and says he watched martial arts from an early age. His brother George was a brown belt in American freestyle boxing and was very protective of his family, up until he was murdered. George was given an honorary black belt, which Holdsworth holds almost every day.

Beal discussed how being diagnosed with cancer has been a motivation.

“Before I battled cancer I used to hate to run. And then when I found out that I may not be able to run anymore, thought that I may even lose my leg, that was the lowest part of my cancer battle right there,” Beal said. “But I just kept telling myself it’ll be over, well get through this.”

The teams took a day off and lounged in a Red Rock Casino suite. While the contestants were on their best behavior, the same couldn’t be said about their coaches. Tate told Rousey to stay away from her boyfriend, Bryan Caraway.

“I don’t think anyone with half a brain would desire a man like that.” Rousey snidely remarked. Attention shifted from the television to the drama unfolding at the bar.

It was then time for Holdsworth and Beal to fight.

Holdsworth delivered solid left jabs and kept Beal on the defensive throughout. Beal scattered some decent combos but was reluctant and did not take advantage of Holdsworth’s missed punches.

With 1:04 left in the first round, Holdsworth knocked Beal down with a straight right and locked in a guillotine. Team Rousey lost their second straight fight.

“They stood, they traded, and every time Holdsworth would throw the straight right hand he would catch Beal with it and he would hurt him every time.”  UFC President Dana White said, “He beat him on his feet and then beat him on the ground.”

Miesha chose Roxanne Modaferri versus Jessica Rakoczy as next week’s fight.

“You have a world boxing champion (Rakoczy) against a great jiu-jitsu practitioner (Modafferi),” White said, “So you got the classic striker versus grappler again. Anything can happen.”