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Bisping Plans to Use His ‘Pillow Fists’ to ‘Punch Munoz in the Face as Many Times as Possible’


In a recent interview, Michael “The Count” Bisping shrugged off his upcoming opponent Mark Munoz’s recent insults, stating that he’ll be using his “pillow fists” to pound his way to a victory.

“I’m going to punch him in the face as many times as possible,” Bisping said in an interview with Sportvibe. “If he thinks I’ve got pillows for fists, I look forward to proving him wrong on fight night. I’ve sent about eight of my opponents in UFC to the hospital after my fights and with him I’m going to make number nine.”

To defeat Munoz, Bisping’s strategy is simple.

“It’s all about stopping his take-downs,” he said. “He is a very very powerful guy but he’s very unorthodox as well. I think with all the training I have done over the years with boxing and kick boxing, I’ve got a much more clinical style and I can keep those punches coming.

“If I can keep the fight on the feet I believe it can play into my hands but I can comfortably hurt him on the feet. On the ground he doesn’t have very good submission but he has great ground and pound and he’s a very strong wrestler it’ll be tough but on the feet I believe I have a big advantage.”

The 24-5 Bisping is currently ranked #4 in the middleweight division. Despite a long history of facing the top competition in the UFC, a title shot has so far been out of his reach. A win over the #7 ranked Munoz though will do a lot to put him in line for an eventual crack at the belt.

He will meet Munoz at UFC Fight Night 30 on October 26, 2013.