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Anderson Silva Says ‘Superfights are Perfect Bulls–t’

Photo by James Law for Heavy.com.

It’s no surprise that promoters love the idea of superfights, since superfights often mean a super payday. But when these superstar fighters come out and say that it’s a waste of time, it may be a good idea to re-think the idea. Anderson Silva recently discussed the fact that even though he is about to fight for the title, people still want him to think about a future superfight with Jon Jones or GSP. He explains that as a fighter you already have so much on your mind in just one division, you are always going after the title, and once you get it, you’re constantly defending it.

“My opinion – the people always say ‘superfight, superfight’ but where are the chances for the new guys to come?” Silva asked in an interview with givemesport.com

“I’m ready for fight for Jon Jones, Georges St Pierre but in my academy, Minatouro, Glover and the other fighters in this class for Jon Jones. George St Pierre is a different class. I have my problems in my class.”

“Yeah it’s good for business but is no good for the other’s guy fight. I go to fight Georges St Pierre, he cuts up, I cut down. I finish the fight. I go to fight Jon Jones, I finish the fight. Who’s next? No have! My opinion, this is perfect bullsh*t.”

The former champion is being asked about these fights even though he recently lost his belt to the new champion Chris Weidman, and will likely only compete in a superfight if he wins it back. Jon Jones has stated that he is of course open to the fight the legend, that is of course if he is able to win his upcoming rematch with Weidman. Before Anderson first met Weidman, Georges was also asked about a superfight with Anderson, and stated that he was against it.