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America’s Favorite Gangster Interviews Jon Jones on Fox Sports 1


If there is anything Chael Sonnen can do better than fight it’s talk. Sonnen and Jones put their past behind them for this interview in which they playfully banter back and forth. Jon Jones reveals that his toe is definitely ready for competition.  Chael asked Jones if he thought there was anything that Alexander did better than him to which Jones responded “he circles a little better and use his angles a little better but outside of that, I don’t really see anything.” He also points out Gustaffson’s lack of experience with 5 round fights, which Jones considers a big hole in Alexander’s game.

Jones is also asked about the possibility of having a fight with Dan Henderson, a match that was supposed to happen but didn’t because of an injury. Jon Jones doesn’t think that can happen because he doesn’t see Dan’s career heading towards a title shot so he doesn’t think they’ll fight anytime soon unless “we meet in a parking lot or something.”

They also discuss Cornier potentially moving down and taking a title shot which Jones disagree’s with because he thinks he should have to earn his shot within the weight division. This short interview was fantastic, it’s funny and it has a lot of good information. Chael Sonnen does not have to worry about a career once he is done in the Octagon. He will most definitely will play an entertaining and important role in MMA for a long time to come.