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The Old B.J. Penn, In a New Weight Class!

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In the MMA community, professional fighters often have a rematch to determine the better fighter. When it remains unclear who the better man is after two bouts, they can have a rubber match. Usually this makes more sense when the fighters are tied at 1-1, but when you’re a legend like Hawaiian B.J. Penn, Dana White can do wonders.

Penn has met with Frankie Edgar twice already, with Edgar leaving with a win both times. The first fight Edgar won by a hair, while the second was much more clear. But when B.J. was dethroned from his reign as the lightweight champion and slid down the pound-for-pound rankings, sleep didn’t come easy. With Penn and Edgar being announced as the next season’s coaches for TUF, Penn is ready to get that win in their third go-around. But it won’t come easy, dealing with a comfortable and confident Edgar.

This time they wont be fighting at lightweight; it’ll be at featherweight where Frankie is most comfortable and the class is a completely different world for Penn. With Penn having trouble cutting weight in the past, there is talk of doubt for B.J. I don’t believe we’ve seen this version of Penn. Dana White explained that B.J. is extremely motivated, something like we’ve never seen.

Rewind a couple of years and B.J. is a terrifying fighter, cleaning out the lightweight division, fighting like his family is on the line. If Penn is anything close to his former self, Edgar will be in for a long night.

Since the two fighters met, both of them have changed quite a bit – whether it be the switching in and out of weight classes, or meeting with new fighters, trainers and coaches. I don’t think the question is whether it will be a close, fast-paced, all-out war, where both fighters leave their hearts in the ring. More or less, the question is what will happen after. Maybe Edgar is trying to get back on his feet after the three losses he suffered not long ago, Perhaps, if he wins, how long will Penn be in the new weight class. If Penn loses for a third time to the man that dethroned him and took his title,  he may stop fighting for real. This could be the right move, because I dont think I can handle watching Penn go down the same road as Fedor.

There is no doubt that they both love having that belt put around their waist at the end of the night, but only one of them will come out on top.

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