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If the stars align, the UFC may give us a Super Fight.

Anderson silva has tested positive for anabolic steroids
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It’s no surprise that super fights are fan favorites. It seems there is still hope for Anderson “The Spider” Silva to meet Jon “Bones” Jones in the octagon, even with the recent upset that took place at UFC 162 when “The Spider” was dethroned by Chris Weidman. If Anderson is able to beat Chris in the rematch at UFC 168, then Jones is still willing to fight Anderson Silva. Recently Bones stated  “I’ve never been overly anxious to face Anderson Silva though to be honest. I knew the fight could happen but i never had any desire to be the one to beat him.”  This also means that Jon has to win his up and coming fight at UFC 165 against Alexander Gustafsson, in which the champion seems confident, regardless of the fact that he is finally fighting somebody his own size. Jones said  “I choose to look him in the eyes to let him know that I’m here, I’m the same height, I embrace us being the same height, and I want to let him know there’s only room for one tall guy in there.”Even though we’d like to see this fight as soon as possible if it does happen it wouldn’t be until mid 2014, so all we can do is hope and pray it doesn’t get brushed to the side.
Despite how short the history of our sport is, it’s still a shame that there have been such few super fights, with only Penn vs GSP standing out. Anderson Silva is widely considered the best Mixed Martial Artist to ever compete in the sport, and there is no way that he has lost so much traction that superfights would not be an option. Who here would not buy Anderson vs GSP or Jones? Maybe his stake has gone down just a little, but there is still a possibility of huge fights for him on the horizon.
If Pride was able to have former heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko fight lightweight Shinya Aoki in a exhibition match and get great reviews, whats stopping the UFC from throwing these matches. They have the talent at there disposal and the fan base, plus it may just shine a light of the good old days we all miss.
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