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WSOF: Andrei Arlovski Obtains Much Needed Win After Barnburner With Mike Kyle


World Series Of Fighting 6’s main event did not disappoint, as the bout between Andrei Arlovski and Mike Kyle produced fireworks. Recently, Arlovski has had to defend himself to the media and the fans in regards to his chin being considered weak. Saturday in New Jersey however, he proved his naysayers wrong taking a hard combo that floored him at the beginning of the match. The Pitt Bull took the combination however, and was able to get back to his feet and drop Kyle with a right of his own. Frustrated by Arlovski’s jab and technical boxing, Mike Kyle opted for a takedown which was defended well by his opponent against the cage until the referee had seen enough and reset the men in the middle of the cage.

Three rounds into the fight, we saw Arlovski complain of an eye poke. The referee decided that the poke had in fact been a closed fist and made the men fight on. Half way through the third round Andrei was floored by another punch from Kyle, though he was able to hop back to his feet immediately after. The rest of the third saw the fighters trading blows, Andrei chased Kyle and forced him to engage. Many MMA fans believe that Kyle stole the third round, but that is irrelevant because Andrei Arlovski ultimately obtained the win by unanimous decision. All three judges scored the contest 29-28, and Arlovski picked up a much needed win after his last fight against Anthony Johnson broke his jaw and took the win.

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