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Floyd Mayweather Won’t Be Challenging Rocky Marciano’s Legendary Record

Photo credit Ethan Miller/AFP/Getty Images

Saturday night Floyd “Money” Mayweather made it clear that he intended to finish out his contract and end his career, that contract only contains four more fights. Even if he wins all four bouts he will tie Marciano’s record of 49 consecutive wins but he won’t beat it. When compared to Rocky Marciano, Mayweather’s record is a bit lackluster. Marciano knocked out all but six of his competitors while Mayweather has failed to finish almost half of his opponents.

Many commentators and boxing aficionados will tell you that good boxing is not appreciated and that Mayweather doesn’t “run away” but the casual fan tends to prefer fighters who finish their fights with a poignant knockout. One is hard pressed to imagine positive reviews for a version of “Rocky” that ends in a decision with both fighters almost completely unscathed.  However that is how many of Floyd’s fights tend to go.

Mayweather spent the last round of his fight with Canelo retreating and playing it safe like a quarterback taking a knee at the end of the last quarter. Boxing fans tend to be more forgiving about “point fighters” than MMA fans but will they be forgiving about him not contending the ultimate consecutive win record in boxing?

Marciano made approximately $5 million in his boxing career which was a lot for his day but when correcting for inflation it’s still only about 43 million in 2013. Meanwhile Mayweather has made over 300 million dollars in his career. Floyd’s record and history as a fighter will never hold a candle to Marciano’s and perhaps it’ll be a long time before we ever see anyone contend with the legendary Rocky Marciano’s legacy.