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Archeologist Can Finally Confirm That Mayans Decapitated and Dismembered Their Enemies


Paintings depicting the dismemberment of Mayan prisoners of war had already been discovered but now evidence of the terrifying acts actually having been carried out are finally confirmed by archaeological evidence for the first time. Researchers at the Department of Anthropology of the Americas at the University of Bonn uncovered a mass grave in a man made cave in the ancient Mayan city of Uxul (Mexico). By analyzing marks on the bones they where able to determine that they had been decapitated or dismembered about 1,400 years ago.

Archaeologist from the University  of Bonn have been excavating in Campeche (Mexico) for over half a decade trying uncover evidence that could tell them about  the collapse of the regional states in the Mayan lowlands. The project was lead byProf. Dr. Nikolai Grube and Dr. Kai Delvendahl from the University. Concerns over the possibility that perhaps this was just a secondary burial site in which bodies are moved from their original graves where quelled  upon inspection of the jaws which where often separated from the rest of the cranium while the articulations of the legs and hands where perfectly preserved in most cases.

“This observation excluded the possibility that this mass grave was a so-called secondary burial, in which the bones of the deceased are placed at a new location,” says Nicolaus Seefeld.

Nicolaus also stated “The observed hatchet marks on the cervical vertebra are a clear indication of decapitation,”

The clay at the site preserved the bones well enough to distinguish some approximate ages and the gender of most of the skeletons. Which brought to light that the Mayans where indiscriminate about age and gender. It was also interesting to note that some of the skulls contained tooth inserts of jade indicating primarily that they where most likely of a high social status but also that rappers where not the first to invent the horrible “grills” fad.