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Canelo Vs Mayweather Boxing Superfight Recap


It was a showdown between two boxing greats and two different styles, so how did Canelo’s offensive power match up to  Mayweather’s defense and speed? With the largest guarantee for a single fight ($41 million for Mayweather) this fight had a lot of hype behind it, but did it live up to expectations? The odds where set to make Canelo the closest underdog to Mayweather yet, were they baiting gamblers or does Canelo really have what it takes to hand Floyd his first loss? This is the Scifighting.com round for round recap.

Round 1

Predictably the two fighters felt each other out each being cautious of the other. Mayweather landed a couple stiff jabs but Canelo did not back down and responded with power of his own. No fighter seemed dominant at this point.

Round 2

More jabs from Money Mayweather but still no real damage. This round however Floyd did land a couple sharp punches on the inside and he looked a little more dominant this round.

Round 3

They exchange jabs and Canelo throws a combo to the body that lands but then Mayweather landed a couple of stiff jabs. They continued to exchange and Canelo pushed forward landing some strong blows.

Round 4

They started this round advancing with more aggression. Mayweather landed a strong jab. Canelo then strikes Mayweather below the belt after a tie up.  Both fighters traded exchanges with Canelo and Floyd each landing their own powerful strikes.

Round 5

This round started with a counter by Mayweather landing on Canelo’s chin. Mayweather then landed a couple sharp jabs. Though Mayweather had been landing more punches, they where both comfortable standing in front of each other confident in their own defensive capabilities.

Round 6

Canelo came out swinging trying to establish his dominance. They stood close to each other and exchanged and again Canelo had to be warned because during a tie up he attempted to throw his shoulder into Mayweather’s chin . Canelo throwing hard punches at Floyd’s body. They really turned it up that round.

Round 7

Canelo’s attempts to out finesse his opponent kept falling short. Floyd worked Alvarez into a corner in what looked like a potentially dangerous situation for Canelo. In this round Canelo began to show signs of fatigue as he started to break down in front of Mayweather’s superior speed.

Round 8

Canelo came out attempting to use his size and power advantage and continued to throw power to Mayweather’s body. Mayweather able to land a couple counters early on but conceding the exchanges to Alvarez. Canelo pushed him  against the ropes landing punches to the body yet again but Mayweather was able to use his speed to counter with a great hook and get cut an angle out. Canelo was definitely looking more dominant in this round.

Round 9

Canelo threw a lot of strikes to the body early on. Canelo continued to land punches to the body but Mayweather was able to land a sharp hook that did some damage. Over all Canelo landed more punches to the body but Floyd did manage to retaliate with some damaging counters upstairs. Both fighters were dropping their hands a bit this round as fatigue set in.

Round 10

Canelo came out attempting to do damage to Floyd’s body. Alvarez kept throwing combinations that didn’t do too much damage but surely scored him some points. Mayweather briefly puts Alvarez on the ropes but he angles out and responds by putting Mayweather on the ropes and throwing a powerful combo to the body.

Round 11

Canelo continues to land on the body but got rocked by a counter hook from Mayweather.   Floyd was moving back and trying to beat him with his footwork but got hit hard by Canelo with hooks to the body.  Canelo looked like he was really trying to land with power but Floyd kept making him miss until the end of the round.

Round 12

Mayweather must have been sensing that he was up by points as he continued to dance around. This round looked a lot like when a quarterback takes a knee at the end of the game.  Canelo was unable to close the gap and was unable to get the win.


This fight played out pretty much the way everyone expected it to. Mayweather used his superior speed, footwork, and finesse to win by points. Floyd continues undefeated and gets one fight closer to Rocky Marciano’s record of  (49-0).