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UFC President Dana White Tears Fighter Apart For Marijuana Use


Matt Riddle has a long history with the UFC and failing drug tests. The man simply loves his pot. Matt has made it apparent that smoking marijuana is more important to him than a career in Mixed Martial Arts, which is his choice and totally fine. However, since he has left the UFC he has engaged in a verbal assault on the promotion. This did not sit well with Dana white, and in a recent interview he had this to say. “From 2011 to 2013, that guy was making $162,000 a year. Then he comes out and says he was treated horrible. He was making something like 52 or $54,000 a fight to fight three times a year. We have health insurance here, which has never been done in the history of the world with fight promoters. The reason he’s not in UFC any more IS BECAUSE HE COULD NOT PASS A DRUG TEST! You have to go to work three times a year, and you couldn’t pass a drug test? You’re so weak-minded and so addicted to marijuana, that you couldn’t stay off it enough to pass a drug test three times a year. Well, guess what dummy, they drug test in the real world, too!”

Dana White makes very valid points, and Riddle has done himself no favors on the subject. In a past interview Matt said that he smokes marijuana to prevent himself from beating his wife and kids. Joking or not, that is never a funny subject to joke about and could possibly be part of the reasoning behind the UFC being so strict on his use. Nevertheless I would like to wish Matt Riddle good luck on whatever journey he decides to take outside of the sport that made him who he is today.