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Ikuhisa Minowa Will Have His 100th Fight at ROAD FC 013


MMA legend Ikuhisa “Minowaman” Minowa has had one of the longest, most distinctive careers in the sport. Despite only being 37 years old, Minowa is currently set to make his 100th professional appearance in the ring.

The Japanese fighter will face an unknown opponent next month at ROAD FC 013.

In addition to his extraordinarily long career, Minowa has grown a reputation for his willingness to fight well outside of his weight class. The 5’9” fighter was the surprise winner of DREAM’s Super Hulk Grand Prix, defeating Rameau Theirry Skoudjou, Hong Man Choi, and Bob Sapp. Over the course of his career, he’s bested 56 opponents, competed in 21 open weight fights, and has accrued 40 submission victories.

The current ROAD FC 013 card is as follows:

•           Yui Chul Nam vs. Takasuke Kume

•           Andrews Nakahara vs. Jung Hwan Cha

•           Bae Young Kwon vs. Kosuke Umeda

•           Young Bok Gil vs. Mu Gyum Choi

•           Issei Tamura vs. Min Jung Song

•           Riki Fukuda vs. TBA

•           Ikuhisa Minowa vs. TBA

•           Yun Jun Lee vs. Makoto Kamaya