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Mark Munoz Cuts Ties With Mayhem: ‘There’s Consequences For Your Actions’


Jason “Mayhem” Miller has been in and out of prison over the past few weeks, seemingly in the midst of an extremely rough patch of his life. Complicating the matter have been some extremely questionable decisions, including some vitriolic social media posts.

Recently, Mayhem tweeted to his friend and former training partner Mark Munoz:

“You are such a *******@markmunoz how do you expect to do anything with your life other than be your wife’s gimp?”

Mark replied to the message in an interview with MMAWeekly.com, stating that while he

“It is personal,” Munoz said. “But I will share this: I tried to help.”

“Unfortunately, I do own a business. If I didn’t own business… there were decisions that needed to be made to keep the integrity of my business and those were some of the things he referenced in those tweets – that, and that I always said I was going to be there for him. So things went south from him there, and I tried, I really tried. There’s definitely consequences for your actions, and that’s something he needs to know.”

“It doesn’t negate the fact that I care about him. I care about him. I really do.”

Munoz added that while he has a great history with Mayhem, he needs to make some space in order to protect his business.

“But I do have people to protect,” Munoz said. “I have people and a business I need to provide for, and there are decisions that hade to be made. I wish that it was different, but it’s not. I hope the best for him, but at the same time he’s been in trouble with the law on a number of occasions and it’s a direct reflection of the behaviors he’s been doing.

“I always say, ‘You reap what you sow.’ If you sow bad deeds, you’re gonna reap bad things; it’s not complicated. I truly hope he turns a corner, or changes something, because he’s been referencing verses in the bible a lot. Hopefully he really does something and has a change of heart about some of the things he’s been deciding to do. I pray for him, I think about him a lot, and I truly hope the best for him.”

“The fact of the matter is, I truly care about him. You know, he gave back to me when we were training here.”

“There was a time when he was on The Ultimate Fighter and I was training for Demian Maia at the time. Well, he told the UFC, ‘I need to be here for Mark’s training camp.’ I’m like, ‘No! You go ahead and take this opportunity, because this opportunity is there for you, you do it. If not, they may get a different coach.’

“And he told the UFC, ‘No, I want to be here for two more weeks until Mark’s fight.’ And he did. And yet, he was still able to coach The Ultimate Fighter, but there was a chance someone else would get to be a coach. So there’s things he did… he was a great training partner to me. He showed me a lot of things. And I was able to reciprocate that and show him a lot of things. And I considered him a true friend, and I still care about him.”

“You can lead a guy to water, (but) you can’t force him to drink,” said Munoz.

“We just got to present to him what’s right, and if he takes it, he takes it. I tried. We tried — this whole gym tried. And this whole gym cars about him because he was a big part of this gym.

“He knows what to do. He’s not a dumb guy. He’s very smart. He’s very bright. I just hope he makes decisions that actually improve his future.”

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