Home News Dana White and TUF Producers Covered Tim Gorman’s Medical Bills

Dana White and TUF Producers Covered Tim Gorman’s Medical Bills


In the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Tim Gorman was forced off the show due to a torn hamstring that was aggravated during the elimination round. Unfortunately for him, because the injury was originally sustained before the show began, he was ineligible for the UFC’s insurance.

After the injury came to light, Gorman was adamant that he didn’t need to need leave the house, and would be willing to fight on one leg just to stay in the competition. Sadly, this was not enough, and the medical staff decided that he could not continue.

Luckily for Gorman though, he apparently impressed UFC president Dana White quite a bit. According to Gorman’s TUF Blog, White went ahead and promised Gorman a fight in the UFC when he was healed up.

“Dana White personally shook my hand, eye-to-eye, promised that he would give me a fight in the UFC,” Gorman wrote. “I know Dana White is an honorable man, a man of his word, I believe with the utmost sincerity that he will give me a fight in the UFC.”

In addition, White and the TUF producers went a step further and paid for Gorman’s medical expenses out of pocket.

With how frequently reports circulate about the cutthroat nature of the sport, it’s always nice to see moments when the UFC takes care of its own.