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Neiman Gracie Says He’ll Let His Actions Talk, Isn’t Intimidated by Living up to the Family Name


Neiman Gracie’s last name may hold some serious clout in the martial arts world, but he isn’t letting that get in the way of his focus before his upcoming debut MMA fight.

“I’m used to it already,” he said in an interview on MMAjunkie.com Radio. “I’ve been competing since I was 10 years old, and I’m used to the pressure. You’ve just got to not think about it too much – that’s the key. I just want to get in there, fight, do my job and finish the guy.”

“I’ll let my actions talk,” he continued. “But I think I’m ready to fight anywhere the fight goes. I’m ready to show every aspect of MMA, and I hope I can do that on Saturday. I didn’t fight as an amateur – I’m going straight to the pros, and let’s see what will happen. I’m ready – that’s all I can say.”

Still, he isn’t counting out that extra boost being a part of that Gracie legacy adds.

“[Being a Gracie] gives you something,” he said. “My uncles fought before me, my father fought before me, my grandpa. So if you have your father, your uncles, your grandfather, your great-grandfather fighting before you, of course that helps you a little to get a good contract.”

“But it doesn’t help when it’s time to fight. You’ve got to be ready. Last names don’t win fights.”

Gracie will make his professional debut on Saturday at World Series of Fighting 5 against Darren Costa.