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Glover Teixeira Willing to Fight Another Contender If Jones and Gustafsson Have a Rematch


With his recent win over Ryan Bader at UFC Fight Night 28, Glover Teixeira has cemented his status as the top contender in the light heavyweight division. Next week, he’ll learn who he’ll likely face in his eventual title fight. While he doesn’t care which one he has to fight to take the belt, he believes Jon Jones will best Alexander Gustafsson in their UFC 165 match up.

“I believe Jon is going to win this fight,” Teixeira said on an episode of MMAjunkie.com Radio. “I hope he wins. I think he’s going to win on the ground. I believe Gustafsson’s a great standup fighter, and I think Jon is smart enough and a better wrestler to take him down and beat him on the ground. I don’t know how. It might be ground and pound, or maybe a submission, but I don’t think this fight is going to go five rounds.”

However, Teixeira realizes that if Jones loses, he may be eligible for an immediate rematch, a la Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman. If that happens, Teixeira isn’t too worried though. In fact, he doesn’t mind fighting another contender while he waits for a title shot to become available.

“I want to stay busy,” Teixeira said. “I want to fight [Jones]. He’s the bigger name, and he’s been champion for a while. If Gustafsson beats this guy, I’ll be happy for him, too, as long as I get to fight him. Or if they have a rematch, I’d like to fight some top contender and keep myself busy. I’m healthy, and I can’t be losing time.”

Glover Teixeira is currently on an incredible 20 fight winning streak, and is undefeated in the UFC. He is 5-0 in the UFC, and 22-2 overall.