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TUF 18 Episode 2 Recap


Episode two of The Ultimate Fighter 18 begins with the new cast members exploring their new house. Tim Gorman states that women would not stand a chance against men in the octagon and, in doing so, alienates eight women who would destroy him.

The roommates discuss the upcoming fight between Julianna Pena and Shayna Baszler and majority opinion shows that Shayna’s experience will be more than enough to win. Juliana says that she has always admired Shayna and looked up to her as a youngster, even going as far as to take pictures with her at a Strikeforce event.

Miescha Tate’s team is first to use the TUF gym and utilizes it by gives her fighters a recovery day while critiquing their performances from the preliminary round. Near the end of their workout, Ronda Rousey barges in and kicks them out. “I just want them to get used to us bitchin around.” Rousey said. “I know it’s rude but it’s like, psychologically you have to be like ‘you move when we tell you to and we never have to move for you.”

Focus turns to the upcoming match. Shayna discusses her journey to TUF. “I wish there was some way I could like Vulcan mind mail the road, the long road it’s been for us,” Shayna said, “the fight’s we’ve put on, the epic battles you’ve missed just because it wasn’t in the UFC. Now it’s finally here.”

Dana White brings Gorman into his office to discuss a hamstring injury he told Tate about earlier. Dr. Jeffery Davidson states that the leg muscle is torn off and Gorman will be unable to fight for 4-6 months. Tate and White decide to bring back Louis Fisette, who lost by submission in the prelims.

The ladies are finally ready to fight. Julianna comes out swinging, but Shayna controls the first round. Within the first three minutes, Shayna nearly locks in an arm bar, rear naked choke, and guillotine choke, but Julianna stays alive with a dose of elbows to the head.

Visibly winded, they exchange shots to begin the second round. Pressed against the cage, Julianna delivers a knee to Shayna’s face that leaves her shaken. Julianna takes the fight to the ground and submits Shayna with a rear naked choke.

“Shayna won the first round, and when she felt like she was losing the second, she was already thinking about the third.” Rousey said. While team Tate celebrates in their locker room, she consoles her defeated student.

The episode ends with the announcement of next week’s fight: Chris Holdsworth vs. Chris Beal. Both coaches acknowledge that Beal was picked because of a nagging hand injury. As they leave the gym, Rousey strolls by Tate and warns “Just to let you know, you smiling at (Shayna’s) pain today is one more reason i’m going to f***ing destroy you.”