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SciFighting Exclusive Interview: UFC’s Brendan Schaub Talks Metamoris, Title Predictions, Mayhem Miller.


Recently SciFighting had the chance to sit down for a great interview with UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub. Far from shy, he opens up on quite a few interesting subjects including his next fight, Mayhem Miller’s legal woes, and his anticlimactic performance at this years Metamoris grappling event.

How do you see your upcoming fight with Matt Mitrione playing out?
It’s a tough fight man, you know Mitriones very athletic. Him and I are probably the two most athletic guys in the heavyweight division. We both pride ourselves on being really athletic and I think that’s why people are so excited for this fight. You look at the card, UFC 165 in Toronto and people are talking about my fight and Jon Jones vs Gustafsson. I just see me breaking Mitrione. I pride myself on being a true martial artist, and he prides himself on being just an athlete. That’s not enough to get it done these days.

Assuming you get by Mitrione, who would you like next?
The winner of Frank Mir vs Barnett would be a huge step for me, I’m fans of both those guys. I think it would be a huge challenge to me. Frank Mir has kind of been my hero since I can remember. I love Frank Mir Man, he’s evolved with the game and I try to model my career after his.

There is a lot of criticism online about your performance in Metamoris. Do you have anything to say to those people?
It’s online man. Anyone who knows, they take the twelve top Jiujitsu practitioners in the world, [the event] was the biggest draw they ever had. Their numbers tripled because I was involved in it. For me it was a success. For people to go online, it’s easy to sit back and critique it, and say ‘Oh well Brendan didn’t do this, or he didn’t get submitted’ there was a poll out there that said i’d get submitted in less then two minuets. This guy didn’t do ANYTHING for 20 minuets, he had 20 minuets. My takedown defense was so good, if I wanted to I could have just kept it on the feet and made it really boring, but I gave him eight chances to do his thing. For me it was just about going out there and showing that I could shut down his tornado guard. If we could do it again, I’d do it again, and I would take more chances and go for more submissions. The gameplan was to go in there and shut down his tornado guard and force him to open up more.

On Gustafsson vs Jon Jones
Man I think that fight is going to be the fight of the year. [repeats] I think it’s gonna be the fight of the year. I think Jon Jones and Gustafsson are both sort of the first two hybrid athletes in the 205 division, and they’re both so well matched. Jon Jones is just so so gifted man, I just, I’m excited to see this. I think Gustafsson is going to be able to deal with his reach, and the reach won’t be so much of a factor.

On Georges St. Pierre vs Johny Hendricks
GSP. I think GSP takes him down. I could see him winning a TKO from ground and pound. Georges’s striking is such a high level, I could see him picking Hendricks apart. I highly doubt Hendricks lands his big right hand. That’s going to be tough to do.

On Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman II
It’s going to be a different fight. I think Weidman is going to surprise a lot of people, and end up with a lot of takedowns, and it’s going to go to the fourth or fifth round, but I’ll probably take Anderson on this one. Knockout on the feet.

On Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos
It’s tough for me to pick against Cain because how bad he beat him up last time man. It was just a straight ass whooping for five rounds. It’s tough man, so I’ll probably take Cain in the rematch.

On the Mayhem Miller legal situation.
I don’t know much about it at all. Mayhem has always been a good friend of mine, and a good friend to me. I wish the best for him, he has my number, he knows if he needs help he can call me. I just wish the best for him man. Mayhem is a friend, you can publish this man. If he needs anything he has my cellphone number.