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76% of MMA Fighters Are in favor of a Union according to ESPN Poll


In the recent September edition of ESPN Magazine, the “MMA Confidential” section ran the results of a poll they had conducted on a variety of issues related to the sport. They quizzed 38 professional MMA fighters, most of whom are currently signed to the UFC.

Here are the results:

51% believe fighters are taking some form of performance-enhancing drugs
47% are convinced that abstinence will benefit them on fight night
29% worry about a fighter dying inside the Octagon
41% believe Georges St. Pierre is the best MMA fighter on earth
16% admit that sweat is the grossest thing about their opponents
96% are opposed to having a transgender athlete compete in MMA
27% have competed against opponents who lost their bowels during a fight
74% are against promoter-mandated “super fights”
76% are in favor of a fighter’s union

In addition, the survey found that the average fighter salary (bearing in mind that most of the fighters polled have UFC contracts) is $70, 307, while the average weight cut for a fighter is 17 pounds.

While most of those factoids are trivia at best, the 76% in favor of a union is the most interesting. While it’d certainly benefit the fighters, who have little to no job security, it’d be a tough sell for the execs in charge.

With Dana White and the UFC having so much trouble with the culinary union lately, I’m not sure how kindly they’d take to having to work with one inside of their own organization.