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GSP’s Trainer Firas Zahabi Addresses VADA Testing


In the past few weeks, the story of GSP, Johny Hendricks, and VADA has been slowly playing out. Hendricks recently gave his side of the story, but strangely, GSP has been very quiet on the issue. In his place, trainer Firas Zahabi wrote some tweets in defense of his fighter.

While it’s great that GSP’s camp has finally broken their silence on the matter, Zahabi’s response to the criticism is lackluster at best. It does little to explain why GSP is so dead-set on VADA, especially when the athletic commission has suggested going through WADA instead.

Either way though, like LiverKick.com stated, it’s really just a horse and pony show for GSP to prove he isn’t on PEDs. That issue will be settled either way when the NSAC tests the fighter before and after the event in November.

UFC 167 will take place on November 16 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.