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Jason Mayhem Miller Files Restraining Order Against Alleged Victim


Yesterday afternoon, following a hearing that was ultimately postponed to the 10th of October, Mayhem Miller took to the Santa Ana Family Court to file a restraining order against the alleged victim in his ongoing case. In the report filed for the order, he details scenarios involving her attacks upon him dating back as far as late 2012. He also cites another person whom the restraining order should protect, that has had confrontations with the alleged victim in the past.  While an anonymous source has provided us with exclusive photo evidence of the report filed by Mr. Miller, in the interest of maintaining privacy and ensuring the ongoing proceedings are unaffected we will not be releasing the full name of the person Mr. Miller is filing against, nor the other party whom the order protects. Mayhem is set to return to court for a hearing regarding the restraining order on the 1st of October.

Additional reports from our sources indicate that Mr. Miller has had a change of heart regarding his desire for reconciliation with the alleged victim. His hesitance to aggressively defend himself in court may have been a hinderance until now. As far as evidence for his domestic violence case is concerned, it appears that there is still much room for speculation on the veracity of some of the alleged events that took place outside of the courtroom.  While the law may state that all parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty, the court of public opinion is not always as fair.  Domestic violence cases are very emotionally charged and it does appear that neither party stands to benefit from any outcome of a jury trial without enduring substantial collateral damage to their reputations and public perception.

You will find the photo copies of the reports filed in court today by Mr. Miller.  Additionally we have not received any other reports confirming or denying the events detailed in these documents.

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