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UFC 165 Conference Call Recap


The UFC 165 press call today kicked off to some interesting questions.  As usual more than just the UFC 165 event was discussed but we’ve distilled the conversation down to the most compelling information on the call.

Slightly off topic for the call but extremely relevant to the MMA community at large was a question regarding the current status of recently injured UFC fighter Matt Grimes. Dana responded by telling the press that he had spoken to Matt’s wife and that his condition remained unchanged as of this morning.

Jones was asked if beating Anderson Silva’s record of ten consecutive title defenses was a goal he was actively trying to beat before potentially moving weight classes and Jones affirmed that it absolutely was something he had thought about and was attempting to accomplish.

On a couple occasions members of the press asked Jones if he felt that there was any relation between him and any of the champions that had been defeated this year, in particular Anderson Silva. Jones responded by saying ” I know I’m not unbeatable, no one is unbeatable but I don’t compare myself to Anderson Silva. Maybe he’s at the end of his career but I’m at the beginning I’m healthy and I have no injuries to speak of. Anderson’s got nothing to do with me”.

Jones was also asked about his similarities to Gustafsson, in particular that fans seemed to be saying that they where very similar fighters. Jones retorted “No I don’t agree, we’re both twenty six years old and we’re both tall but outside of that we are completely different fighters and there’s nothing about him that’s like me.” He also spoke about how both Lyoto and Rampage had each only managed to land two strikes to his face while Gustafsson was more prone to eating punches.

Dana White was asked about the potential of another interim title bout and fortunately he was able to confirm that Dominique Cruz should be back in time to prevent another one.  He had lunch with Dominique and Lorenzo Fertitta where it was confirmed that Cruz should be healthy and ready to fight after his long absence from the Octagon early next year.

Both Gustafsson and Jones said they where avid film watchers and believed in watching and studying their opponents previous fights. Jones made the connection between watching film and studying for a test in school, he said “you study hard and the day the big exam comes you’re not worried because you’ve done your homework”.

Dana made remarks about how flippant boxers who said they could win fights against MMA fighters were completely wrong. He stated ” I came from boxing I used to be one of those guys that talked smack, these guys (UFC fighters) will win 100% of the time.”

The last question was to Eddie Wineland about his opponents impressive thirty fight win streak and if it was something he thought about. Eddie had this to say “His win streak is amazing, that being said he’s never fought me yet. It hasn’t entered my head at all and there’s no reason I can’t beat him he’s just a man. His streak doesn’t bother me at all.”

That concluded the conference call for UFC 165, it’s shaping up to be a great event and whether Jones takes it or Gustafsson does, it’s very unlikely that it will end up in the hands of the judges.