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UFC: Josh Barnett Says Mir’s Complaints Cheapened His Win


Josh Barnett seems plenty satisfied with his victory over Frank Mir at UFC 164, but he’s really not happy with the way Mir handled things after the fight. Despite what appeared to be a very clear cut TKO, Mir immediately began to complain about the stoppage, a move that elicited “boos” from the crowd.

Barnett feels like Mir’s complaints cheapened his win, and discussed the event on a recent episode of Sherdog’s Beatdown Radio:

“I knew that he was right on the edge of being finished even up to 20 seconds before that,” Barnett said. “I could feel it really coming on. I could smell blood. As soon as I hit him with that knee and he just hit the floor, the boost was kicking in. I was just kind of going to absolute rampage all over him, and there was no way he was getting through that.”

“It was only controversial because Hinds stepped in right at the moment, right at the first absolute point he could come in there … to keep him from really getting hurt bad. Frank jumped up and made a huge stink about it, and that’s where the boos came from.”

“It does cheapen the win to some degree, but also what makes it difficult is that he gets up and says what he wants to say and I can’t just slug him and knock him out again,” he continued. “The problem with that is, the repercussions would be bad. I told him, I go, ‘Well, I understand why you’re upset and I’d be mad if I felt it was stopped early too.’”

“There was a little understanding on my part, but I was also visibly — I was incredibly upset myself because I felt like I got robbed of the moment. I did all this training. We get in the ring. We’re not there to be friends. I put this man on his face, and all of a sudden all that time spent getting up to this point, I feel like that’s my time. I get to cash in for all the sacrifices I’ve put in … and I get denied.”

“I’m right in the title contention no matter where I’m at. Everybody knows that I can carry the gold.”

With that win, Barnett has advanced to #6 in the heavyweight division.