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Bryan Caraway Mellows Out, Says He Has No Ill Toughts Towards Ronda Rousey


The feud between UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and Tate’s boyfriend/trainer Bryan Caraway has taken a strange turn. Despite a lot of trash talk thrown his way, Caraway has recently stated that he respects Rousey quite a bit, he just feels like they’re very different people.

“I don’t have any ill thoughts or bad intentions toward Ronda,” he said in an interview with SI.com. “I don’t hate her and I want her to know that. She’s a talented, world-class athlete. I think she’s a stud fighter. I just don’t agree with the way she approaches things and conducts herself. I don’t feel like she’s a role model and I think there’s a lot better ways to go about it. Her, Miesha and I are just completely different types of people.”

That’s a pretty far cry from his previous comments. Last March he tweeted, “if [Rousey] wants to challenge a man I’ll knock her teeth dwn (sic) her throat the (sic) break her arm!”

Caraway’s girlfriend and fellow fighter Miesha Tate will face Rousey for the title at UFC 168 in December. Why this change in tone happened so suddenly is anyone’s guess.