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UFC: After 20th Straight Victory, Glover Teixeira Gets Next 205 Title Shot. Bones Or Gustafsson!


Last month we did a piece on a very promising prospect in Glover Teixeira. We stated that this man was not getting enough attention, and that he was on a 19 fight winning streak. Well it appears that Joe Silva was paying very close attention to him, as it has been announced that he will be receiving the next light heavyweight title shot against the winner of Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson, which takes place on the 21st of this month. Long speculated, a fight with either of these men could prove very interesting for the Brazilian. Though he quickly dispatched Ryan Bader by TKO in his most recent fight, he did not do so without trouble. Bader was landing on him and appeared to have him rocked a couple different times. In fact, the punch he dropped Bader with was a counterpunch, when Ryan sensed blood and went in for the kill. It is not clear whether Ryan Bader just showed up better than ever for this fight, or if Teixeira was simply willing to eat the punishment to give his own. Glover Teixeira himself was not happy with this fight, and post fight he stated “To tell you the truth, I wasn’t happy with this fight. I was disappointed he was able to knock me down. But I’m telling you, this belt is going to be mine. It doesn’t matter if it’s Jon Jones or Gustafsson. It’s mine.”

We will not see how much better Jones and Gustafsson have gotten, until they meet later this month. Only one thing is clear, and it is that Glover Teixeira is going to have a lot on his plate when it comes to fighting either of these men. He will have a large reach disadvantage, and he has never fought anybody of this caliber. That said, Glover Teixeira is a fantastic fighter, and has more than a small chance of taking either fight.

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