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Ryan Bader Says Mental Mistakes Lost Him His UFC Fight Night 28 Match

Courtesy of ESPN.com
Courtesy of ESPN.com

Ryan Bader put on a great show at UFC Fight Night 28, dropping Glover Teixeira early in the first round. Teixeira rallied hard though, and returned the favor, defeating Bader via TKO just minutes later.

“I was a little too aggressive,” Bader said. “I wasn’t staying tight, and I got caught with a right hand and a left hook, and that was it. I just got a little over-aggressive and tried to jump on the choke. I got back up and ended up kind of rocking him again, and it was the same thing.”

Overall though, Bader attributes his loss to “mental errors,” and will immediately be returning his attention to training.

“I felt good, [but] I made some mistakes, mental errors, and for me it’s just going back and keep getting better,” he said.

The 30 year old TUF winner is currently 8-4 in the UFC, and 15-4 overall. His recent loss will keep him off of the top ten for now, but Bader plans to come back strong.

“In this sport, you come up real quick and you go down quick, but a big fight for me and I’m right back where I want to be. It’s just going back and training hard and getting right back it.”